Profile:TORIUMI Shigeo


Born in Tokyo in March 1959. Graduated from Faculty of Business
Administration, Hosei University. Currently living in Chiba Prefecture, Japan

To continue to take pictures, meaning What does a certain something?
I feel like I was wondering will be always.
But now, I want to think so by pressing the shutter.
" The gap between the mind, a small flower"

I hope ,Photos taken by me is, -Become a Mirror reflecting the heart -you and me.

Photo exhibition
"Yellow" group exhibition, in 1997 (Gallery “Hiranagacyo-bashi”: Kanda, Tokyo)
"Summer pattern" exhibition in 2003 (Gallery”Musunsou”: Shin-Nakano, Tokyo)
"Joker's pet cat" Issei-Suda Juku selection Exhibition in 2004 (Meguro Museum of Art Gallery residents)
"Spring-rabbit, Snow-rabbit" exhibition in 2005 (Photo Gallery “Daikanyama”: Daikanyama, Tokyo)
"The Autumnal Equinox" exhibition, in 2009 (Makii Masaru Fine Arts: Asakusabashi, Tokyo)
"Members of THE SUDA-ISSEI-Workshop 2003" exhibition, in 2013 (Kanda-Coffee-en: Kanda, Tokyo)


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